Concrete Repairing Systems

Concrete repair products and systems have been developed extensively , as more of the technology and requirements for durable concrete repairs has been increasingly understood.

Steel Reinforcement Primers are important in complete concrete repair and protection systems, where they are designed to provide additional protection and act as a barrier to prevent any future water penetration and corrosion of the steel surfaces. The steel reinforcement primer is applied to any exposed steel reinforcement that has been cleaned and prepared, preferably by mechanical blast-cleaning, once the damaged concrete and any contaminants such as chlorides have been removed. Steel Reinforcement Primers are also particularly useful when the profile or other constraints of the reinforced concrete structure or element, mean that the correct thickness of concrete cover cannot be reinstated over the steel reinforcement bars. Additionally they can be used as a barrier when even after the washing, cleaning and preparation works; there are still potentially residual contaminants, such as chlorides, in the adjacent existing concrete.

Bonding Bridges are used in concrete repair works to increase the adhesion or bond of the subsequent concrete repair mortar to the cleaned and prepared existing concrete substrate. These materials improve the ‘wetting’ of the profiled surface, filling troughs in the concrete surface profile; reduce suction due to the concrete porosity and lubricating the interface to ensure a fully homogenous bond and optimum adhesion. They are not specifically referenced in the EN1504 Standards as ‘stand-alone’ products, but as being necessary concrete repair system components, according to the type and nature of the specific concrete repair mortar being used and the type and extent of the concrete damage being repaired.